You do not ask what the solution is, but what would be the best. You don’t ask for whom, because it must be worth it for everyone.

Then we get involved. We solve problems because we create entrepreneurs and companies for this reason to secure their market position in the long run.

  • Who we are

    Büning & Partner is an investment company. We provide support in all phases from the foundation and growth phase to the maturity of the company. Our roots lie in special purpose shipping. We live the experience of generations with international networks in new and old industries. Founded at the end of the 1970s as a family company now based in Hamburg.

  • Our conviction

    We prefer to solve social issues through commercial answers. We see niches or special tasks here as an opportunity to shape them in an entrepreneurial way. Because our family tradition includes both experiences: entrepreneurship and public administration.

  • Our focus

    Public-private partnerships such as reliable supply voyages for expeditioners into the Antarctic or private pilot boat services in the past are part of our interest as well as today, with our overseas partners, our focus is to find an answer to the care crisis in Germany.

  • Our attitude

    We do not show the way only because we have already done it. We’re no consultants. We do not only manage risk and return. We are no bank. We support visionaries in business and administration, always as entrepreneurs.

    For us too, tradition is not the passing on of the ashes, but of the fire. Because those who do not burn cannot enlight others. That is our and our partners philosophy.


    High school, bank apprenticeship, universities Hamburg and Vienna: business administration, history, 1976 H. M. Gehrckens (one of the oldest shipping companies in Hamburg). In charge of Lagos business, owners representative liner service Nigeria/Brazil. 1987 Managing Owner MS “Icebird”, serving Australian Antarctic stations. 1990 implementation and investment in cryologistics “full service provider” biobank for research and precision medicine. 1995, takeover pilot boat operation from Lübeck to the Polish border on behalf of the German Government as joint-venture with own fleet of pilot boats. 1991 Seedinvestor for start up with young former NVA flight& airportcrew deprived of aircraft&airport, leading to a successful family construction company in Rostock with exit 2019. Today investment in further start-ups. Member of Überseeclub Hamburg, Nautischer Verein Hamburg, Verein Ehrbarer Kaufmann and Clausewitz-Gesellschaft. 2010 pro bono chairman of Arpfoundation.


    Moritz Büning studied business administration and psychology in London after graduating from high school, serving in the navy and finalizing apprenticeship with shipowners Hamburg Süd. He graduated with a master’s degree from the University of Edinburgh in 2011. Began working in London on international projects for an American growth company for the financial industry and helped to develop the German market. In 2015 he returned to Germany and started to support companies in strategy and transformation projects as a consultant and later project manager in the management consultancy of KPMG. Since 2019 he has been managing director of Amesol, thus taking up the challenge of realizing a measurable, fair and economic solution to the enormous shortage of nursing professionals in Germany.