Amesol is the cross-border recruitment and training partner for nursing staff from abroad for retirement homes and hospitals in Germany.





Amesol’s partners in the countries of origin are professionals in the search, training and secondment of skilled workers. They have a deep understanding of the local conditions, with direct access to embassies, ministries, universities and language schools. They have their own local training facilities and nationwide recruitment structures up to the technical schools and match the WHO & Amesol Academy standards. In this way a large number of suitable candidates are reached and trained in a targeted manner.

Under its Amesol Academy, the foreign applicants are guided through the complicated legal approval procedures in Germany after their entry into the country in the recognition and completion of necessary training components. If desired by the customers, all leading hospital and nursing home operators, the company takes over the integration and on-the-job training in the companies. In summary, the company, together with its partners in the source countries, is the cross-border standardised recruitment and training centre for applicants and a reliable recruitment and human resources manager for its clients, thus providing a real answer to the shortage of skilled nursing staff in Germany.