“Schuttleservice” to Antarctica: MV “Icebird” ensures the transport of goods and persons to the Australian stations in Antarctica.





In order to supply its researchers and Australia’s research programme in Antarctica, the Australian National Antarctic Research Expeditions (ANARE) basically required supplementary tonnage with the highest ice class and high loading capacities for the transport of supplies and passengers. The tonnage has to meet the requirements of the Antarctic Treaty signed by Australia, in particular the ban on heavy oil and essential requirements for the technology used. A requirement that was difficult to find on the market. Tailor-made for this requirement, such a ship was designed in Germany with the help of the Ministry of Research and built with private investors. In 1984, the supply ship with 22 crew members set sail under the name MV “Icebird”. 1987 Managing Owner after take over with partners.

Ice class E4, MAK main engine, 14.7 knots, ice-reinforced push barge, reinforced helipad. Bow capable to break one year old ice with continuous speed. Ready to load and unload cargo in remote areas with own gear. Hatch covers in the tween deck, ready for use as pontoons. Mobile accommodation in front of the bridge housing polar research teams of up to 98 passengers for the arduous crossing through one of the most dangerous seas in the world into the ice.