CRYOBANK24 offers fully automated cryologistic systems for the storage and transport of cells for research and precision medicine at temperatures from -30 to -130 °C.




Research and Development

Conventional manual storage in the majority of in-house cryostorage-solutions exposes samples to temperature fluctuations every time the refrigerator is opened. Any opening process that does not specifically hit the target sample leads to the unavoidable problem of various types of icing on equipment parts and all other “storage neighbours”. Previous solutions concentrate on the removal of the icing, while the influence on the stored goods themselves had been no issue in the past. But new findings revealed a new problem. It was only recently discovered that samples can suffer quality degradation even after brief contact with high temperature differences, so that samples without continuous temperature protocols that uncover such variations lose significance for the requirements of research valid today.

Ensuring the integrity of the sample with the proof of constant storage conditions of each individual sample can only be guaranteed by fully automated storage – from the moment the sample is taken from the patient to the examination in the laboratory. The largest possible systems ensure economic efficiency, operated by continuously trained personnel, and guarantee operational safety. CRYOBANK24 therefore offers this service as a full-service operator to research and industry in a “pay per use” model without any investment for the customer and takes over all operative processes with its own equipment and personnel, if desired also with existing customer equipment. The long-term cost advantage of this model is immediately visible through a full cost calculation that includes investment, energy consumption and personnel costs over the average life of a sample.